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Data analysis enhances the ability to focus on areas of risk, and identify trends, there by enabling intelligent business decisions.  We design tools or computed assisted audit techniques (CAATs) to filter for anomalies (e.g., policy override, unusual transactions, etc.), and help you reconcile data or out-of-balance transactions.  

We offer standard solutions and we develop customized solutions to meet your requirements.  Our solutions include anti-fraud programs, benchmarking, transaction anomalies, KPIs, business intelligence, payroll analysis, disbursement analysis, duplicate payment reviews, and licensing audits.

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Fraud Identification

Analyze your financial data sets for potential fraud indicators.

Transaction Anomalies

Identify anomalous transactions in your large data sets to identify operational errors and inefficiencies.


Key Performance Indicators

Identify key performance or key risk indicators and design dashboards so managers can effectively measure performance and make informed business decisions before problems occur.

Business Intelligence

Create custom reports to tell the real story of how your business is performing and get accurate, timely data into the hands of your key decision makers.


Payroll Analysis

If you are dealing with a material weakness, significant deficiencies, or a long list of annual open items, we can help identify and manage implementation of practical, effective solutions.  We can also perform complex analysis to reduce the impact of open issues.

Licensing Audits

Concerned about customer compliance with your licensing terms?  We can perform a detailed audit to determine if large customers are in compliance and help you capture leaking revenue streams.


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