Vendor Risk Management

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Most organizations need to know their information is safe with their third parties as well as prove they are secure to key stakeholders like a client. Our team designs and executes vendor risk management programs to help organizations understand and mitigate third-party risk. Clients who work with us have confidence their vendors and other third parties are handling information security to their own standards and can prove to current and prospective clients their information is safe.


Vendor Security Risk Assessments

Does your potential partner have serious holes in their data security strategy? We will assess their operations and determine whether or not they are a good fit for your business, while making recommendations on how they can be brought up to speed.

Vendor Risk Management Program Development

Create a program to effectively and efficiently manage the risk, cost and complexity of critical vendors throughout the entire relationship – on-boarding, contracts, due diligence, performance monitoring, quality and service level management.


Vendor Discovery and Inventory

Keeping track of all your vendors sounds like an easy task, but it isn’t. Unless all contracts and purchase orders go through one source, it’s a distinct possibility that not all your vendor relationships are being captured. We can help you create an inventory and classify your vendors based on key risk factors.

Vendor SLA Monitoring

Hold vendors accountable to minimally acceptable levels of service by including SLAs into your big contracts. We’ll help you determine the most important SLAs before signing new contracts and then help you monitor your vendors’ adherence to those SLAs to ensure service after the sale.

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