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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides broad rights to California citizens to control the ways that businesses collect, sell, and store their personal data.  The regulation goes into effect on 1/1/2020, but historical data disclosure requirements mean your business needs to be ready now.  The basic requirements are listed below:

CCPA Consumer Rights

  1. Right to KNOW what personal information is being collected.
  2. Right to KNOW if their personal information is sold or disclosed, and to whom.
  3. Right to OPT-OUT of the sale of personal information.
  4. Right to ACCESS and request ERASURE of collected personal data.
  5. Right to EQUAL SERVICE when exercising privacy rights.

CCPA Business Requirements

  1. Consumer personal data inventory, mapping, and process flows.
  2. Formal request process for consumer personal data access and erasure requests. Access requests must include prior 12 months of collection and usage in a user-friendly format.
  3. Conspicuous methods for opting out of data selling.
  4. Formal processes for notifying third-parties of data erasure requests and contractually mandating CCPA compliance for all partners.
  5. Effective data protection and cybersecurity program to prevent data breaches.

The CCPA explicitly allows both state and civil penalties for violations of the act.  Don’t be caught unprepared.  Reach out to see how our specialists can help you prepare.

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